Everyone knows that light is life!

However not all white light is the same. Variations in spectral qualities and luminous intensity become apparent, while splitting different white light sources into colours.

As life on Earth has evolved under the natural light of the sun for 4.6 Billions of years, it can be taken as evidence that sunlight is life-giving.


When we compare the natural radiation curve of sunlight to an energy saving light sources, we quickly realise the lack of spectral qualities.

Obviously this is an example for bad lighting! Lighting which is neither visually pleasing nor circadian-effective. Even more so this kind of lighting can probably causes major health problems as the human organism is starved of vital energies which fuel the body to perform essential functions.

Not only the quantity of light, but also the quality of light is important to sustain human life. Biodynamic lighting has been created to interweave different colour temperatures with different brightness levels to replicate the variations of natural daylight. At present it is the artificial lighting solution that can promote human health.

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